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7 dogs dead, 1 rescued by fireman after blaze destroys animal advocates home

Victoria clinging to Hershey after the fire
Victoria clinging to Hershey after the fire

A New York woman is devastated after a fire earlier this week destroyed her home and killed seven of her dogs, leaving her with nothing in the world other than one dog.

This article tells the story. The Star Gazette tells six died, while a friend says it was seven.

Victoria Crown wasn't at home when a fire took away everything she holds dear. Victoria is an animal advocate, a rescuer of unwanted dogs in her community. Since she has no family, her dogs were her life. Seven of them are now dead.

Thankfully, a fireman was able to save one dog, who suffered smoke inhalation. The others perished, leaving Victoria devastated.

Victoria has always stood up for the animals, supporting dogs in need with both time and money. Now she needs help to try to rebuild her life without her babies.

A GoFundMe donation page has been set up by a friend of Victoria's. More than $600 has been raised, but more is needed.

Hershey, the sole survivor, is being picked up by the pet taxi service for Compassionate Companion Care in Pine City, New York, who is treating him for his injury. Unless things take a turn for the worse, Hershey will recover.

Victoria will also recover. Financially, but not emotionally. She'll most likely be haunted for the rest of her life after living through this type of tragedy. Victoria said on her Facebook page

"I want to thank everyone for everything that they are doing for Hershey and I. To be quite honest the hardest part of this is losing my babies. The losing everything you own thing I can overcome but them...Hershey is all I have I left in the world and I truly appreciate everyone trying so hard to help."

If you don't want to donate to the webpage, direct payment to the vet can be made using the information below.

Compassionate Companion Care
Pine City, NY
Dr. Regis Hagen.

Please keep Victoria in your thoughts as she tries to get through each day. It's a time of mourning for the loss of so many lives, while at the same time celebrating the one life that was spared. Hershey is all Victoria has left now.

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