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7 cool treats in historic St. Louis: Part 2

There’s always a crowd gathered outside Ted Drewes on Chippewa Street.
There’s always a crowd gathered outside Ted Drewes on Chippewa Street.
Photo by Amy Borrelli

Cool treat #2: Get your kicks – and a concrete – on Route 66.

Ted Drewes, 6726 Chippewa St., was an essential stop for travelers along Route 66 way back when, and it’s still the go-to place for St. Louisans on a blazing summer evening. Ted Drewes has been doling out frozen custard sundaes and concretes here since 1941.

Crowd favorites include Cardinal Sin (cherries and hot fudge), Dutchman (chocolate, pecans and butterscotch) and Terramizzou (chocolate and pistachio nuts), but new flavors are also popular, such as Route 66 (root beer) or Brennan’s Blend (mocha, hazelnut and caramel).

Most folks linger in the parking lot while eating their custard, leaning against the rear bumpers of their cars or flipping open the rear doors of their minivans; it’s not a far cry from the days of hanging out in the way back of a wood-paneled station wagon on a road trip down “the Main Street of America.”

Before the advent of the federal interstate highway system, Route 66 was the Mother Road for travelers, winding 2,448 miles from Chicago to Los Angeles; the route followed Gravois Road, Chippewa Street and Watson Road through St. Louis.

While Ted Drewes continues to be a mandatory stop for Route 66 fans, a bit further west, two other attractions on the Mother Road no longer exist: the Coral Court Motel in Marlborough and the 66 Park In drive-in movie theater in Crestwood.

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