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7 Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

A money tube that lets you see how much you've saved in an instant along with comparative amounts
A money tube that lets you see how much you've saved in an instant along with comparative amounts
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Ohmygod! It's Kim Kardashian's wedding anniversary…had she still been married to basketball player Kris Humphries. The couple married exactly one year ago today and ended up getting divorced two and half months later, but the divorce has been an ongoing battle. In fact, the reality TV star and NBA star are technically still married.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries at Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne fashion show on Sept. 12, 2011 in New York City
Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Today, they celebrate their one year anniversary with a deposition as both parties prepare for a legal battle that will probably continue on for at least another year. On the very anniversary of her wedding, big booty Kim deposed her husband's ex-girlfriend, whom Humpty Dumpty only dated for a few months after the Kardash-a-Humps split.

Kim wanted a traditional divorce, but Kris is seeking an annulment claiming their marriage was nothing but a publicity stunt to boost ratings for Kim's TV show. Whatever the outcome, the fact of the matter still remains; it's their one year anniversary.

Here are some fun anniversary gifts for the next joke wedding that comes along:

The Accumulator Bank - This gift is for the loser stuck footing the bill for all the legal fees involved in the resolution of their marital disputes. It's a money tube that lets you see how much you've saved in an instant along with comparative amounts.

1st Anniversary Toilet Paper - What better way for the Kardashian-Hump couple to celebrate their one-year anniversary than to wipe their asses with all their B.S.?

Circle of Trust T-Shirt - This one is for Kris since he clearly does not trust Kim's initial marriage intention. There are rumors circulating across the web that Kim reportedly made $18 million dollars off of their televised fairy-tale wedding, which turned out to be everything but.

America's Top Wife T-Shirt - The next time Kim is hanging with her new love interest Kanye, she should totally wear this for playing Kris like a fool.

Trophy Husband Apron - This one is for Kris for following Kim's lead like a good little puppy. Some might speculate that he himself was in on the sham wedding ordeal. Either way, good boy.

Girlfriend Pillow - This legal dispute may have Kris craving for some breast support to get him through the stress and humiliation of his publicly failed marriage.

Mission Accomplished Greeting Card - When all is said and done, and their divorce battle has been resolved, someone is going to need this card. Who do you think will win this dispute?

And the Dundie Award goes to...drum roll please...both of them--because everyone should get one of these no matter who's in the right or in the wrong here.


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