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7 Best Tips to prevent ED?

7 Best Tips to Prevent ED
7 Best Tips to Prevent ED

An overview of males that suffer from erectile dysfunction or ED, offers much insight into prevention of it. Ask yourself as a man, wouldn't you do anything within your power to avoid having sexual dysfunction at all? If it only required a few simple changes in your personal lifestyle, wouldn't that be worth it? If your sexual activity could improve without doing anything dramatic, but simply changing things that are already having negative impact on your health, what would stop you from trying?

In most cases, these 7 basic tips can help prevent erectile dysfunction successfully.

1. Watch what you are eating

Eating a heart healthy diet is the best way to start. The same behavioral eating that leads to heart attacks, also contributes to erectile dysfunction. Blood flow to the penis needs to be unrestricted, so fruits and vegetables are in order. These combined with whole grain foods, nuts, olive oil, fish and red wine make for a heart healthy diet plan. The nutrition you gain from eating better will improve your libido.

2. Maintain a healthy weight

Anyone who is seriously overweight must consider slimming down. Overweight individuals are at higher risk for heart disease, diabetes and nervous system issues, like ED. The penis is primarily tissues, muscles and nerves, it can be seriously impacted by being overweight. So can your sexual activities, if your weight keeps you from performing or limits your physical stamina.

3. Avoid high blood pressure

Having high blood pressure is usually related to having high cholesterol levels. Be sure to get your cholesterol levels and blood pressure checked regularly, even at the local drug store. There are also personal monitoring devices for blood pressure that are made for household usage. Avoiding high blood pressure, also lends itself to avoiding hypertension. Many cases of erectile dysfunction are related to symptoms that stem from high blood pressure problems.

4. Limit alcohol your intake

Drinking alcohol maybe fun at times, but it seriously impacts your sex drive and performance. By putting limits on your alcohol intake, most men can avoid this. Avoid drinking at all, on days or evenings when you are planning to have sex. Or consider quitting alcohol all together, girls like guys who are clean and sober. This will increase your chances of getting lucky, but drinking less still is a good start.

5. Get exercise regularly

Keeping in shape is the key to long life, but also will increase your stamina sexually. Partly because being fit lets your body perform better. Partly because being in shape lets you breathe more effortlessly. Either way, getting exercise regularly will make sure you are ready to have sex, when the opportunity presents itself. Just say yes and get more exercise.

6. Keep tabs on your testosterone

As men get older, their bodies decrease the production of testosterone. Most men notice a drop in their testosterone, somewhere between 40 and 50 years of age. If your sex drive is diminished or lacking during these years, it is probably because of a decrease in testosterone. Testosterone levels can be treated with natural male enhancement supplements or other methods available today.

7. If you smoke or use drugs, stop now

Smoking cigarettes, cigars or a pipe is bad for your lungs. It also is bad for your body and the circulation of blood flow. The same is true for all types of substances. Pot smokers and users of illegal drugs are prone to ED or other sexual dysfunctional problems. So if you are a smoker, please try to stop. It will make your sex life better, because it will increase your overall life span. This goes even more so for the illicit drug user, think about all the benefits to your personal and sex life. Who wants to be out of it, when you are hard and ready to get into it.

In summary, don't do things that are harmful to your body and keep yourself in shape.
Being healthy means being aware of your physical fitness, your personal lifestyle and your daily choices that impact everything you do physically. Sex is just one component of the whole person that you are physically. Sexual health is one of many things that are important to become aware of, as a man. Learning to be in touch with your body will let your sex life improve, along with many other physical activities.

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