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7 babies found dead in Utah home: Woman arrested

Megan Huntsman, 39, has been arrested and booked at the Utah County jail, according to the Chicago Tribune on Monday. Early Sunday, Huntsman was named a suspect in having committed six murders. Seven infants’ bodies were found in cardboard boxes in the Utah woman’s garage at her former home, says ABC.

Megan Huntsman suspected of killing her 7 infants
ABC screenshot

The new owners of the house reportedly called police on Saturday after they found an infant’s body as they were cleaning out the garage of their new purchase in Pleasant Grove, Utah – which is located some 35 miles south of Salt Lake City. After investigating the discovery, police found six other newborn babies wrapped in separate cardboard boxes. One of the infants was believed to have been stillborn, while the other six died from asphyxiation.

Investigative authorities are saying that it appears the seven babies were born to Megan Huntsman during a decade-long period of time. They believe the infants were born from approximately 1996 to 2006. Police reported that Huntsman is being cooperative as the murder investigation ensues and that she is the only suspect.

An update of the story on Monday afternoon says that a judge has set bail at $6 million. New reports are stating that the woman is 39 - and not 30, as previously reported. It is now reported that Megan Huntsman has admitted to the strangulation or suffocation of the babies immediately after each was born. The hearing under the direction of District Judge Steven Hansen on Monday set bail at $1 million for each of the six counts of murder.

The arrest of Hunstman occurred after her estranged husband, Darren Brad West, found the remains of one of the babies while he was cleaning out the garage. West is not considered to have been involved with the murders of the infants. Additionally, the investigators in the murder case are said to be planning a test of DNA to determine who the fathers of the children actually are. The home where the bodies of the babies were found on Sunday is where Huntsman lived until 2011.

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