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7 Avenues of social media marketing

add credibility and visibility through social media
add credibility and visibility through social media
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Are you struggling to stand out in the sea of competitors who offer similar services or products? Are you passionate about what you do but find it difficult to monetize your passion? Would you like to increase your sales and boost your profits without adding to your expenses?

There is no doubt that social media tools are becoming mandatory for personal branding and professional success. The digital assets - blog, podcast, and social networking profiles - are your online identity and how people discover and connect with you. You have the ability to leverage social media tools and networks in order to present a positive image, be recognized as an expert in your field or industry or to be recruited for a position that aligns with your talents and passions.

Social Media is not a fad. It's here to stay and brings in profound changes in the way we do business, engage and reach out to one another. Perhaps you do not understand the various ways you can utilize social media to brand yourself and expand your business. Here are 7 avenues of social media you should consider integrating into your social marketing mix.

1. Blogging

Your competition has a blog and so should you. Blogs can serve many purposes. A couple of key points are: host your own blog and consistently add fresh content to it. Never let your blog go stale. If money is tight, you can install a free blog software and start publishing at least one article on your blog. Provide an easy bookmarking feature to social bookmarking sites like Delicious. This is done by providing an action button for each article in your site. The action button takes users to the submission page of the bookmarking site.

2. Social Networking

Facebook and LinkedIn are two of the most popular sites. Building relationships online are a big part of having a successful business or career. Social networking allows you to connect with people that have similar interests to you. Remember that the same social etiquette and good manners apply online as they do offline. Think about building relationships first, business second.

3. Micro Blogging is a combination of social networking and blogging. Building a large list of followers is a great way to meet people and increase traffic to your blog and websites. Plus it is fun to Tweet!

4. Social Bookmarking

Directories such as Digg and Technorati serve as search engine bait for your blog posts and for new traffic from people who read your blog articles. Bookmarking a blog post is very easy to do and the rewards can pay off for years to come.

5. Discussion Forums

This really was one of the first forms of social media and still is a great way to learn about the niche of your business and to drive traffic to it. Hanging out in discussion forums can be addictive so be careful to use them the right way and not waste time. There is an art to forum marketing and you must learn to do it correctly, but the benefits are many.

6. Email Marketing

There has always been money in having a list. The trick is to build relationships with your list and then sell to it after you have done that. For that reason we include it in social media. Today you can add video, audio, graphics, and other things to make your email more interactive.

7. Video Marketing
When Google bought YouTube everyone was put on notice that video marketing was going to be important. Today you can drive traffic and build credibility and trust by adding videos to their blog and website. Create short how-to or new product videos and post these videos in social video sharing sites like YouTube. Provide a few start and end frames in these videos to introduce your site with your site URL. Post these videos using catchy titles, teasing descriptions, and appropriate tags to make them discoverable and memorable.

And don't forget about collaborative joint ventures which is another effective and profitable way to market and grow your business in 2010.

Now is the right time for implementing features that will make your site social media friendly!

If you have any questions about using these tools or you’ve have had some success using these tools, we’d like to hear from you.



  • Cindy Ratzlaff | Brand New Brand You 5 years ago

    Excellent article Francine. These are actionable, practical strategies that any entrepreneur, author, speaker or business owner can do. Thank you.

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