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7 aspects of the Jesus model of coaching

One of the best examples of being a life coach, is Jesus. While Jesus is the pro facto leader of the twelve disciples, being God, he wanted them also to be able to function on their own. So before He was called back home to Heaven he did everything he could to equip them for their ministerial service to come.

Jesus built a team. He handpicked his core group of men,who,even with all their faults, he knew would be the best to do the work at hand. Later he chose Paul to carry the work to the Gentiles. Even Judas, some would argue, was chosen by Jesus for a specific task, to be the one who to betray Him.

Jesus developed trusting relationships with all those who were close to Him. Jesus did not say to his disciples, "You go off on your own and I will call a meeting once a month to tell you what to do." No, Jesus shared every aspect of life with his disciples. he ate meals with them, went to weddings with them, walked and talked with them as much as possible. He became their friend as well as their confidant.

Jesus showed and taught the disciples the things they needed to know to carry on His work after He was gone. While the disciples didn't get it at first, once He had risen from the dead, their eyes were opened and they went on to proclaim the good news to all the ends of their known world.

Jesus was a role model for His disciples and all His followers to come. He didn't just dictate to them or hand them a book and say go and do likewise. He modeled for them the life they needed to live as children of God.

Jesus observed the progress of each of his disciples and offered advice on the aspects of their lives they needed to change or develop further. Jesus was never one to let a teachable moment pass Him by. When he saw something His disciples or others needed to know out came a parable or a passage of scripture.

Jesus corrected misunderstandings between the disciples. When His disciples argued over such things as who would be the greatest in the kingdom of God, Jesus used the moment to teach them something about God in order to diffuse the situation.

Jesus gently encouraged His disciples. Jesus gentleness refers to his humility and meekness. Jesus humbly encouraged his disciples he did not shout from the rooftops I am God listen to me, he became a servant in order to show His disciples the truth behind his words, "Whoever wants to be great must become a servant."

These are the seven aspects of a coach which Jesus modeled in His earthly ministry and ones which we as Christians need to make part of our lives whether are in management or not.

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