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7 Alluring Floral Crowns

What could be more alluring and romantic, derived from this summer's stock pile of multi-varied looks then a floral crowned accessory? Floral crowns are this season's instant gratification trend.

Topshop Heather Garland $28
Dauphines of New York Secret Garden Crystal Headband $168

You can't help but think of Titana with the delicately placed floral, mirroring a A Midsummer Night's Dream.

The whimsical accessory works well with most hairstyles but looks best as a center-piece atop of a Jane Eyre styled bun or tousled strands.

Here are 7 alluring floral crowns that fit perfectly into the summer...

1. Topshop Heather Garland $28

2. Pink Ditsy Floral Hair Garland $8 newlook. com

3. Miss Selfridge Lilac Flower Headband $15

4. ASOS Butterfly Daisy Flower Garland $15

5. White Daisy Garland Headband $7

6. ASOS Wooland Beaded Hair Garland $23

7. Dauphines of New York Secret Garden Crystal Headband $168

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