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$7.2 million in cash seized at Panama airport: Drug cartel involvement suspected

It is not every day that there is $7.2 million in cash found in suitcases, but that's exactly what happened at the Panama airport recently. CNN shared the details on Jan. 15.

$7.2 million in cash found in suitcases on flight from Honduras
Screencap via Newsy

The $7.2 million in cash found was stashed in eight suitcases on a flight from Honduras. The cash was hidden in various compartments within the luggage. Most of the stash is comprised of U.S. $100 bills.

Though officials are not getting specific yet, it seems investigators believe the $7.2 million in cash found belongs to a powerful cartel and the money was in the process of being moved. Just which cartel is suspected has not been revealed.

Of course many question how the suitcases got past airport personnel in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Apparently dozens of people have been suspended already in the investigation on the Honduran side. Officials suspect bribes were accepted by many employees along the way to ensure the case went by unnoticed. In addition, three Honduran nationals were arrested at the Tocumen International Airport in relation to the case.

Clearly there is more yet to come in this case where the $7.2 million in cash was found hidden in the suitcases. Most would imagine that somebody is going to be awfully unhappy that this much money was found and confiscated rather than delivered as planned.

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