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$7.2 million in cash found stuffed inside 8 suitcases at Panama airport

$7.2 million in cash found hidden inside eight suitcases at a Panama airport has authorities wanting to know how it slipped through security in airports to get to this point. Authorities suspect that this $7.2 million in cash, mostly in American $100 bills, was being transported for a “powerful” drug cartel, according to CNN News on Jan. 16.

$72 million in cash found in Panama airport stuffed inside eight suitcases.
Getty Images

The eight suitcases that were concealing the money in hidden compartments had just come off a flight from Honduras. To get to this point these suitcases slipped by airport authorities, drug police and special investigators at the Toncontin Airport in Tegucigalpa.

Honduran police started cleaning house as their investigation progressed they suspended dozens of officers. This is the largest seizure in years for the Panama police, who were the ones to find that the suitcases held more than just clothes.

While the Panama police believe that a well-known and dangerous drug cartel are the culprits behind this cash, they wouldn’t disclose which cartel they suspected. Three Honduran nationals were arrested at Tocumen International Airport by the Panama police.

The money getting as far as it did is a problem. This seems to indicate that all the check points that are in place up to the point where the suitcases were discovered somehow failed. The investigation is on-going today.

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