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7.2 million in cash found: Eight suitcases held 7.2 million in drug money

In Panama, 7.2 million in cash was found stashed inside eight suitcases. On Jan. 15, CNN reported that police found the cash inside different compartments of luggage that had arrived on a flight from Honduras. The money was being moved for a "powerful cartel" but authorities have yet to figure out which one. An investigation in both countries (Panama and Honduras) is ongoing.

"In a case that highlights the regional impacts of the drug trade, now Honduran investigators are trying to figure out how the suitcases slipped by airport authorities, drug police and special investigators at the Toncontin airport in Tegucigalpa," reports CNN.

The 7.2 million in cash found by police could have been a ploy but with new information, it seems as though authorities stopped a very high priority deal. As previously reported, police have been on the losing end of the continuous drug war for the past several years. This bust, however, could change things -- especially because the sum of money found was large.

"Panamanian police, who described the suitcase stash as their largest seizure in years, arrested three Honduran nationals at Tocumen International Airport," according to CNN. This doesn't necessarily mean that police now have the upper hand, but it does change things a bit.

More on the 7.2 million in cash found in the video above.

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