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7-11-14 Area fishing report

Caesar Creek Lake: Saugeye fishing on the flats has been very productive. Use nightcrawlers or bass minnows and drift or jig close to the bottom. Also try casting or trolling around the island with large chartreuse twisters tipped with pieces of nightcrawler. Fish for catfish where creeks enter the lake, using stinkbaits, nightcrawlers or chubs. Crappies are 17-20 feet deep. Use jigs tipped with minnows and look for structure. Some bass fishermen are catching muskies on spinnerbaits, but the best bass fishing has been early or late with topwater lures. Work the stickups for bluegills.
Lake Loramie: Catfish are all over the place. Find some water, you’ll find catfish. They’re hitting bass minnows, cut shad, nightcrawlers and chicken liver. The best crappie fishing has been very early or very late around brush or docks. Try shooting pontoons with minnows or jigs. Bass are also around wood along the banks. Bluegills are hitting ice jigs tipped with waxworms or redworms in the brush and off of rocks.
C.J. Brown Reservoir: Catfish are being caught all over the lake on minnows, cut bait and nightcrawlers. For bluegills fish in brushy or rocky areas about 4-5 feet deep. The best spots have been off the rocks in front of the visitor’s center and around the marina. For walleyes, fish off the rocks at night or troll over the humps during the day. Crawler harnesses and Vib-Es are the best baits. Crappie fishing has been slow, but a number of white bass have been caught.
Grand Lake St. Marys: Crappie fishing has been very slow. Look for shady areas under docks and pontoons and shoot in a jig or a minnow. Bass fish has also been slower with a few hitting jigs in the channels. Look for any kind of cover. Catfish have been hitting cut bait and nightcrawlers all over, especially where creeks come into the lake. Fish the docks and seawalls for bluegills with waxworms or redworms.
Indian Lake: Bass are being caught in the channels, around lily pads and around wood. Try a chatterbait or plastic frogs. Catfish are hitting nightcrawlers, cut bait and large minnows. Bluegills are biting on rubber spiders tipped with waxworms around docks and rocks. Anglers are trolling for saugeyes off of the south bank, around bridges and harbors. Crawler harnesses, Vib-Es and Berkley Flicker Shads are working.
Rocky Fork Lake: For bass, work the edges of weed beds with plastic, spinnerbaits or frogs. Also try fishing points with crankbaits. For saugeyes, troll around the island or in front of the beaches with crawler harnesses or twisters tipped with a piece of nightcrawler. Crappies are deep, usually around wood along the banks. Acton Lake: Anglers are still catching crappies, but 85 percent of them are under the 9-inch limit. Use minnows and fish in 8-10 feet of water. Bass are taking topwater lures fished early in the morning or in the evening with the water is calm. Crankbaits and spinnerbaits with trailers seem to be working best. Saugeye fishing has been slow.
Paint Creek Lake: Crappies are still being caught along the banks of the creek arms in water 4-12 feet deep. Use minnows or small twisters or tubes and look for brush and wood. Try fishing at different depths. Bass are also along the banks around any kind of cover. Try craw-colored crankbaits, spinner baits or 6-inch black/grape worms. In the spillway, use chicken liver or nightcrawlers to catch catfish and twisters tipped with a piece of nightcrawler to catch saugeyes.
Lake Erie: Walleye fishing has been good off the Toledo water intake and to the east toward Ward’s Canal, south of “B” can of the Camp Perry firing range, off Niagara Reef, west of Rattlesnake Island, north of North Bass Island, the southwest corner of Kellys Island and two miles off Cedar Point.
Yellow perch fishing is improving with the best catches coming off Ward’s Canal, north of “B” can of the Camp Perry firing range, between Green and Rattlesnake islands and from Marblehead to Kelleys Island. Smallmouth bass are being caught north of Kelleys Island and around Marblehead.
For Lake Erie information, visit or call (888) HOOK-FISH.

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