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68-year-old woman calls 911 for beer

Memphis police say they arrested a grandmother last week after she called 911 for beer.

It's hard being an older woman now-a-days, especially when you don't have your beer.

68-year-old Rosie Pate was arrested and taken into custody Wednesday night after she called 911 seeking "police assistance in getting a beer."

It was a simple request really, but an illegal one. When police arrive they learned that Pate had assaulted her granddaughter just moments before calling 911.

The Associated Press reports that a police affidavit shows Pate became angry with her granddaughter when she wouldn't buy her beer. Pate then slapped her with an open hand.

She was charged with domestic assault and making a 911 call in a non-emergency situation.

Pate was released from jail on her own accord.

DJ Webb

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