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66-pound girl overweight: New York school 'fat-shames' 9-year-old girl

Gwendolyn Williams, 9
Gwendolyn Williams, 9

A 66-pound girl was told that she was overweight by her school in New York. According to eCanadaNow, the 9-year-old girl named Gwendolyn Williams was sent a letter (that was supposed to be addressed to her parents) that informed her that she was overweight. The third grader is quite thin and was super surprised to hear that the school's Department of Education program called "FitnessGram" thinks otherwise. Her BMI was 19 -- and it "should" be lower according to "FitnessGram."

"I'm 4-foot-1, and 66 pounds, and I'm like what?! I just don't think that it's fair to be called overweight when you're not really overweight," the third grader said. She was told to do more exercise -- but Williams sort of just shrugged it off.

Telling a 66-pound girl that she is overweight is a bit overkill and some parents think that kids shouldn't even be given that information. Do you think it's a school's responsibility to talk to a child or his/her parents about his/her weight? Shouldn't that be saved for a doctor if there is a serious concern about a child's health?

Chevese Turner, from the Binge Eating Disorder Association said:

"Dieting, especially for kids, is the gateway drug for eating disorders, and so is the public shaming that can come with this. My organization and others believe that BMI report cars have no place coming from schools and can be more harmful than helpful."

"FitnessGram" is something that is supposed to be used as a tool to keep kids active and to make sure that childhood obesity doesn't take over the country. However, it seems obvious that a child who is thin and active doesn't need to be worrying about their BMI. Do you think the school was out of line? Should kids be told about their BMI when they are that young?

Is a 66-pound girl overweight just because her BMI is higher than it should be? Perhaps literally speaking, yes. But other than that, no way.

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