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"65m years ago the dinosaurs had a bad day..."

While bouncing around on I found a talk by Phil Plait, the astronomer I got to see at CSI Con last October. This talk is almost exactly the same, only he's even better live and we got more time with him than TED. The quote in the title makes me laugh out loud every time and I just had to share the video I found (which you can view the one on the page or follow this direct link). It's about asteroids and what we can do to stop a collision with Earth from happening.


After finding this video I did some light digging to see what footage I might find from the actual CSI Conference. I found a couple clips and ads, the longest one being Richard Saunders performing the same tricks the Power Balance promoters use to convince consumers they have a working product. Be sure to check that video out here (you'll also see me and my partner in science in the front row too)!

I'll continue to do some digging and hopefully I'll find more videos in time. Please feel free to post links on the page if you have any or have found others!

In the mean time, I'll leave you with one other quote from Phil Plait (he's just so darn quotable!), "The difference between the dinosaurs and us, is that we have a space program and we can vote" meaning, at the very least, the one thing most of us can do is cast our vote for those who will support science and fund it.

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