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65 years of an American Legend

A very nice airplane - the new Super Legend
A very nice airplane - the new Super Legend
American Legend

A new legend is here: American Legend Aircraft Company launched its Lycoming powered Super Legend. The company also announced first customer deliveries of the Super Legend. The aircraft received its FAA approval last November. Currently, production is underway on an order book of nine aircraft with four having been delivered to customers.

This all-new Super Legend follows the successes of the Legend Cub, an airplane that led the Sport Pilot movement upon its introduction at Sun ‘n Fun 2005 in Lakeland, Florida. An idea that evolved over the nine-year period, the Super Legend will appeal to sport and adventure pilots, and is exemplary in its mission of back country and pleasure flying.

The aircraft designs from American Legend Aircraft Company are widely recognized as airplanes that are fun to fly. It’s rare to meet a pilot without the want to own or have access to one. In fact, many pilots say they would be quite content to spend the rest of their flying days with little more than a clear sky, a suitable place to land, and one of the most popular aircraft of all time. The Legend Cub and Super Legend smartly satisfy all three yearnings. Legend Cubs, and their pilots, long to land on short or unpaved strips. They are particularly fond of fields lined in turf. With its suitability to enjoyable flying, the Super Legend represents the new classic.

The design of new Super Legend was inspired by one of the most useful and practical aircraft in all of aviation—the Piper Super Cub. The versatile and wildly popular airframe, one that has been repeatedly imitated, comes to life again as the modern Super Legend. Innovative in its approach, today’s Super Legend is a recreational and back country flyer’s wish list. It incorporates everything imaginable in a slow flying, docile handling airplane, from airframe enhancements to comfort features. With its modern construction, the new Super Legend is built for dependable operation. The Super Legend is an airplane that will carry on a tradition of versatility, and flying for pure fun of it.

Super Legend's design objectives included a quest for a higher performance in the ultimate two-seater. Emboldened by 75 years of aviation prowess, the Super Legend was determined to fill some very big shoes. Lycoming had just released its re-engineered YO-233 flat-four engine, a powerhouse capable of running on a choice of available fuels. The Lycoming YO-233 in the Super Legend, as expected, extends the aircraft’s already enviable performance with shorter takeoffs and greater range. Its ability to reach remote locations, delivering passengers and payload, and its worry-free maintenance and worldwide support make the Lycoming a natural fit for the Super Legend.

Within the LSA class, the Super Legend with its Lycoming engine is the essential, no-holds-barred performance engine of choice. Its lightweight design optimizes, rather than occupies, the aircraft’s useful load. This leaves more room and flexibility to do with your aircraft what you’ve intended. Intelligent electronics and a host of optimized equipment in the thoroughly modern engine make it a powerplant for today’s pilot. The Super Legend powered by Lycoming is free of power setting limits and full of performance.

The company advertises it as follows: With its sporty styling, plush comfort, and stronger, lighter airframe, the Super Legend is a standout. The Super Legend exemplifies the sport and back country flying experience. Its features a richly appointed panel that exceeds expectations, body conforming seats, and a host of other design inputs inspired by customers. What was always a fine example of an enduring aircraft design is now the best of the breed. One customer succinctly called it “the best aircraft to fit my mission.”

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