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64 dogs living in deplorable conditions seized from backyard breeder

Dachshunds rescued from a puppy mill in Putnam County, Indiana.
Dachshunds rescued from a puppy mill in Putnam County, Indiana.

In Putnam County, Indiana, 64 dogs were seized from a property in the 6500 block of East County Road 900 North, according to WTHR. Dachshunds, a variety of ages, were removed from what investigators called “deplorable conditions” not “fit for humans.”

Most of the dogs were inside the filthy house. The sheriff's deputies claimed they could smell the feces from the road, which was at least 30 feet from the house. Other dogs were found in a barn on the property but were without water due to a broken pipe.

According to WTHR, reporter Emily Longnecker asked the homeowner, who will not be named until charges are filed, if she was going to hand over the dogs. The woman replied that this is how she makes her living, the dogs are her babies and are taken care of. She went on to say that she has had a virus and that is why the “house is a mess, the kennel was a mess, but they have a clean spot to live.”

All 64 dogs have been place din foster care through For Paws Sake Canine Rescue. The homeowner will be charged with animal cruelty for unsanitary conditions and for not providing water for the dogs.

According to For Paws Sake Canine Rescue's Facebook page, some of the dogs are ill, injured and unfortunately some were deceased. Donations are needed for financial assistance of the dogs saved.

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