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60 years and counting......

60 Years and Still Counting…

Families are the backbone of San Pedro.

Within many of these families

are strong marriages that last a lifetime.

Unfortunately though, these days it

seems divorce is as normal as getting

married. Here in San Pedro, tradition

has kept relationships together. The

strongest people I know are the ones

that have been married the longest.

This november, my grandparents will hit a marriage milestone

as they celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.

Frank and Rena Bosnich raised a family (daughter nanci

Mavar and son Frank Bosnich), developed property, owned a

gas station and sold real estate, all at the same time while work-

ing 25 years as a longshoreman. My grandfather came from

the generation before containers. Longshoreman would carry

goods on their backs and his generation help paved the way to

a better working waterfront.

My grandparents stay active and involved. When they are

not at the gym or playing tennis, regular trips are made to

Harrah’s in Laughlin. Rena is an avid video poker player. She

hits the Royal Flush more times

than I have seen anyone else, so I

nicknamed her, “Kicker.” I love an-

swering the phone and hearing my

grandmother tell me, while she is

still in the casino, I got the “Kicker.”

Rancho Mirage has been the home for Frank and Rena the past 30

years. Living in the Coachella Valley continues to be a great life for them. My grandfather Frank has continued to sell real estate and is president of

the homeowners association. When grandma Rena is not playing tennis or participating in the puters league, she is cooking Croatian dinners and entertaining

their friends.

As I reflect on their incredible life together, we all must real-

ize our community is getting older. We must stop and pick up

the phone and check-in. Our grandparents are the roots to our

family’s history. The life experiences and the amount of work it

takes to stay together should be celebrated.

Finally I want to thank my grandparents for always being

there for my brother nick and me. They drop whatever they

are doing to celebrate or support us with unconditional love.

Congratulations on your 60th wedding anniversary! spt


  • zapata 5 years ago

    these "wonderfull people" are nothing more than liers and theifs,just like the children they raised.they use friends and family and then discard them. how can they sleep at night?