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60 Seconds Ohio: ODP Chairman Chris Redfern gaggles with reporters at 2014 Annua

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern gaggled with media before Friday night's big dinner and fundraiser put on by the ODP that featured former President Bill Clinton as the big draw and keynote speaker for the approximately 2,500 people who paid $150 per ticket to be there.

They're called the "Next Generation of Leaders," but if they don't win in November, they will be the next generation of Democratic losers in a state that has been run by Republicans for 16 of the last 20 years.
John Michael Spinelli

The fair-haired, boyish and pugnacious Redfern takes on on two big paper reporters who pushed the notion that Ed FitzGerald's fundraising is inadequate at this stage of this campaign compared to where candidates were four years ago. Redfern tells them how he sees it unfolding.

Watch Ed FitzGerald respond to questions from Friday night on 60 Seconds Ohio

From whether President Obama or First Lady Michelle will come to Ohio to campaign for the Democratic ticket, especially FitzGerald and running mate Sharen Neuhardt at the top, Redfern says he expects that to happen, but in any event welcomes them.

Listen to Redfern tick off issues on which Democrats and Republicans stand in stark contrast, and that President Clinton would talk about in relationship to Ohio. Redfern comments on allegations that Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor, who calls herself a working mom even though her sons are in their early twenties, doesn't work on the job as most people know working on the job to be. And he says the political bruhaha over the resignation of her chief of staff and another staffer, following revelations from another news source that the staffer's timesheets did not match-up with work documents is not "small potatoes." A Member of the House of Representatives again, Redfern said it's an important development.

He touches on debates between Kasich and FitzGerald, and says about negotiations for debates between Republican State Treasurer Josh Mandel, ensared in a web of his own weaving, and his Democratic challenger, Connie Pillich, "the sooner the better."

Entering the press pen at the Celeste Center in Columbus to gaggle, Redfern perseveres despite rehearsal noise from a practicing choir. This lasts 10.37 minutes.

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