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60% of likely voters want to fire state legislators.

A new Rasmussen poll released Thursday, February 18 says that 60% of California’s likely voters think it is better if most incumbents in the State Legislature are defeated. With another budget melee looming in Sacramento, and chronically high unemployment in regions of the state, it seems voters in California want to see the state move in a new direction. Only 17% think most of the incumbents in the state legislature should be reelected.
When the numbers are broken down by party lines, 69% of Republicans and 60% of voters not affiliated with either major party state that it would be better if most of the state legislature was defeated while only 52% of Democrats agree that incumbents should keep their seats.
However, when respondents are asked about their own state representatives, 28% say that they should be reelected and 33% say they should not. Just over a third of likely voters say that they are undecided at 39%.
This could spell trouble for the state and could cause legislative approval numbers to fall even further after this election, due to the fact that voters will not feel that anything has changed in Sacramento, even though they wish to keep their own representatives.
View the poll on Rasmussen here.
Find your state representatives here.


  • Drew 5 years ago

    Rasmussen Reports are good. Also check Field Poll online for California numbers

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