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'60 Minutes' revs up Tesla engine: Takes liberty with audio and offers regrets

"60 Minutes" apologizes for reviving up the engine of the Telsa car.
"60 Minutes" apologizes for reviving up the engine of the Telsa car.
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The battery powered Tesla Model S was featured on “60 Minutes” Sunday evening, but the very quiet car had a revving motor sound, that shouldn’t have been there. Apparently while the Tesla car segment was underway, the folk’s behind the scenes at “60 Minutes” took some liberties in the audio department, according to Fox News on April 7.

The Tesla Model S is “one of the world’s fastest and quietest luxury cars.” When folks who know what a Tesla sounds like and what it is not supposed to sound like heard the revving motor, they sent messages to "60 Minutes" pointing out the error of their ways.

While the sound effects gave the scenes a more authentic look, it was an authentic look at any other car, but not the Tesla Model S. The car is propelled by a single electric motor that sounds like a muffled purring noise, one you can barely distinguish.

The revving of the engine is not something that you would hear out of the Tesla, but on “60 Minutes” you did. CBS, who offers “60 Minutes” to the masses, reports today that it regrets the “error” that led to that impression.

You can check out the segment on the CBS website. The part of the segment with the engine noise starts at the 17:39 mark.