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60 and Still in Love

In 1992 the Democrats fought the Republicans for Presidential Office. Papa "Bush" was going for re-election, and looked sure to get it. Two young guns were thrusted as campaign generals, James Carville for the Democrats, and Mary Matalin, for the Republicans.

Pratt Library welcomes the Carvilles. Mary and James
Pratt Library welcomes the Carvilles. Mary and James
Oswald S. Copeland
At the helm of free education, Carla Hayden.

As the campaigns raged on, word got out the two strategists became romantically involved, yet to the media, the viciousness remained palpable.The Democrats won, it was an upset; a year later, there was a marriage, James and Mary got married in James’ home state Louisiana. Within a few years of their marriage, Mary was distancing herself from her husband, the heat was cooling, a “polar vortex”? What was happening? It was not easy to approach the “raging Cajun”. But someone did, and MD, who said, “I think you have ADHD”. It took James by surprise, but he listened, and shortly thereafter, he had the look that said, “you can approach”.

The superstar lawyer and political analyst, fathered two girls with his superstar political analyst/lawyer wife. Mary is now 60, on a book tour with James, and touched down in Baltimore last week.Local radio personality Mark Steiner was host at Central Library. But both him and the audience treated the guests like porcelain dolls. I wanted to know how they can be vicious to each other on TV, yet have this demonstrative “I love you madly, and will go with you wherever”, when no one is looking? Mark goofed.

Mary wore black lace, including stockings. She is still in love with the Cajun firecracker who covers his bald head with a baseball cap, and growls soft commands, only she understands.

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