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6-week Yoga class for kids in Boston

Yoga for kids in Boston!
Yoga for kids in Boston!

September is National Yoga Awareness.  Not only does yoga count as exercise, but studies have also shown that it's lasting effects benefit students' studying behaviors.  It also helps connect the mind and body for children and adults, helping us consume food on a need basis rather than want impulse. 

To celebrate National Yoga Awareness month introduce this practice with your kids.  Starting September 24th, kids ages 7-11 will have the chance to participate in one of the first yoga for kids 6-week long series.  The class starts at 4:30 pm and will end at 5:15 pm at Sadhana's South End Studio (15 Worcester Street, Boston MA).   The program costs only $115 which is a steal if you consider the tutoring benefits it will have on their study habits and classroom behavior.  

The program was, "designed to support children in their intrinsic drive to acquire knowledge, skills and proficiency. Students are inspired by poses, taught concepts and information, and are offered instruction in order to achieve those poses. During the execution of instructions, students are guided in their explorations and asked to reflect on their outcomes. The results of the reflection process will be an awareness of tools with which to progress in yoga and to apply to achievement and problem solving in life."