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6 ways to get your teen a job

Teens need cash. Who says it has to be yours?
Teens need cash. Who says it has to be yours?

The holidays are over. The turkey coma has worn off. Reality has set in and so has buyer’s remorse. Like most parents who grew up in a certain era, (cough Generation x), your children want exactly what you want, the same model phone, the same expensive clothing, and the same fine jewelry. We made these little material monsters and now we are literally paying the price.

The holidays are commercialized as ever and will likely never change. That being said, your teenager is going to only expect to receive more each year. This is the mentality of a kid sitting in front of a television. These young feeble minds are easily manipulated making these years as good time as any to teach your children valuable lessons about money and responsibility, by default saving you a few holiday dollars next year.

In today's economy it can be extremely difficult finding a job and even more so for teenagers. When I was a kid we had the equivalent of work study where you obtained on the job training as early as middle school. Those programs have since fallen to the waste side in some towns and been completely eliminated in others. Even with the odds, not so much in their favor, here are six things that you can do that will give your teenager a fighting chance.

1. Have a professional resume
Many teens dread putting together a resume because they lack practical job experience. Tell your teen not to fret. Even if you don’t have work experience you can show a future employer how you can assist in their business by highlighting volunteer experience and even odd jobs they've completed for you around the house. The key is highlighting basic skills that can be useful on any job like being detail oriented and punctual.

2. Check Out Teen Friendly websites is a cool job site that offers part time jobs, student jobs, teen jobs and hourly jobs! Just type in your zip code to find jobs and apply online. – Over 2 million high school students, college students, and recent graduates from around the US visit as part of their summer job search.

3. Contact local youth organizations
The YMCA and Boys and Girls Club organizations both have ties to the community and many employers looking to give back. This is an excellent resource to find jobs for your teen.

4. Visit the Usual Suspects
Teen friendly employers like movie theaters, fast food restaurants and grocery stores typically will take applications on site and are always hiring. Their flexible scheduling and seasonal crowds make this a good bet for your teen.

5. Investigate state/county government programs
In Broward County, Florida's One Stop Career Center Workforce One offers The WIA Youth program. Funded by the federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA), which offers a comprehensive range of workforce development activities through statewide and local organizations, youth services are provided to in-school and out-of-school youth ages 16-21. Youth are eligible to participate in Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Youth Services if they are low-income/economically disadvantaged and meet certain criteria.

The Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) provides Broward County youth between the ages of 16 and 18 with paid summer employment, specifically for an eight-week period between June and August. (Note: The youth application for summer 2014 will be available January 13, 2014, until January 24, 2014.)
Visit for details

6. Ask your friends
This one is probably one of the easiest ways to secure a job for your teen. We all have that friend with the messy garage, basement and or attic. Ask them if they need a little help with spring cleaning. What about tending to weeds in the lawn or garden? Who couldn’t use a babysitter for date night? You may also have friends that need light office or clerical work done like filing or answering phones. All you have to do is ask.

These 6 steps will have your teen working in no time, teaching your child valuable life lessons as well as giving your wallet a break.

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