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6 ways that marriage counseling can save your relationship

Frowning young girl looking to guy
Frowning young girl looking to guy

Marriage counseling can save your marriage. That being said, many couples refuse to even consider it as an option for a failing relationship. They believe that if they really love each other, they should not need therapy. They see therapy as a kind of last resort which means that they are relationship failures. So they keep trying to fix it themselves, making the same mistakes over and over again until they finally just give up.

Unless you are a perfect person who is in a relationship with another perfect person, you are going to find that there are times in your relationship when you could use a little help. Just because you love each other doesn’t mean that you are not going to have hurdles to jump over. That’s where that whole “for better, for worse” phrase comes into the marriage vows. It is there for a reason.

Here are 6 ways that marriage counseling can improve, and ultimately save your marriage. Marriage counseling can teach you:

-To disagree in a constructive manner. When partners disagree, it can easily turn into a name calling event in which you bring up past issues that have nothing to do with the issue at hand. Therapy can teach you how to argue constructively so that neither partner feels disrespected.

-To actively listen. Many couples who are having difficulties in their marriage do not truly listen to one another. Many times they hear only what they want to hear. Therapy can teach you how to hear beyond the words that are being spoken.

-To focus on your weaknesses rather than on your partner’s weaknesses. So often it is easier to point out the faults of the other person rather than to look at what your own faults might be.

-Bring issues to the surface. Very often these hidden issues are the ones that are negatively affecting every other area of your marriage. Until you bring these issues out in the open and talk about it, you cannot fix them.

-Focus on the positive aspects of your partner and relationship. What initially drew you together? What are some of the positive traits about your partner that you still adore? Therapy will give you the opportunity to voice these thoughts to your partner.

-Make a plan of action. Therapy will show you what areas in your relationship need the most work, and the therapist will give ideas on how to do that. This may involve actual exercises meant to strengthen your relationship.

If your relationship is suffering, rather than spinning your wheels in the same path of discontentment, give marriage counseling a try. It just might be the turning point in your relationship.

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