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6 tips to last longer in bed

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You may or may not last long during your sexual sessions but early ejaculation is a common problem for most of the men all over the world. According to several sex experts ignorance of using right methods is the basic reason of their problem. Normally every one uses his own technique to control his ejaculation at such intimate moments to prolong their enjoyment. Some of them start thinking of some sport they like the most or think back on some other issue to divert their mind from arriving orgasm. According to some sex experts all these technique distract their mind not only from their orgasm but from their sex partner also which can worsen their situation in the bed instead of enjoying it for longer. Some go for Viagra or some similar pills to increase their stay in the bed but such pills can have side effects for you. So certain tips suggested by the sex experts are given here under to guide you about how to last longer in bed.

Read sex based literature

You can know the techniques to stay longer in the bed by reading some standard sex literature like Kama Sutra etc. Kama Sutra has a number of techniques to last longer in bed and delaying ejaculation. Most of the sex literatures, written by sex experts, suggest simple but effective techniques to last longer in bed like men should start slowly as with fast moves they can attain orgasm quickly. According to them one should start with one stroke in three-four seconds and increase speed gradually to one per second to last longer within four to five minutes. He can also stop his moves inside his partner, if he feels he is reaching the extreme to control his passion, and restart the process again after few seconds. Read more:[Kama Sutra Sex Guide]

Modify your moves

You can also control your orgasm by suddenly modifying your moves as you feel you are getting close to ejaculate, according to some renowned sexologists. You can start teasing your her by taking out your penis and rubbing it on her vagina sensually. Such sexually enjoyable moves will not only keep your partner sexually aroused but also help you in controlling your anxiety of ejaculation.

Shift your mind

According to experts, instead of proving your performance capability you can control you passion by shifting your thoughts to some other pleasant things to develop confidence in you at such moments. One should stop the movements as he starts feeling to reach orgasm and divert his mind from those activities to the feelings in his whole body to cool down his anxiety. In this way he can last longer in bed as much as he wants.

Let her on you

You can control your orgasm for longer time by having your sex partner on you. The stimulation in your penis lessens when she is on you and makes movements. You can guide her to move slowly to enjoy the sexual activity for longer time. Usually men can not stay longer with fast moves in any position.

Practice rhythmic moves

Some of the sex experts suggest rhythmic movement as the best method to last longer in bed without any stress. This technique suggests you to make seven fast in-out strokes followed by nine slow strokes and go on repeating 7 fast strokes and 9 slow strokes until you reach the optimum orgasm. According to them this method can be beneficial for the men who could not satisfy the needs of their partner by ejaculating earlier. Rhythmic moves not only help you last longer in bed but also keep your partner stimulated throughout the sexual session.

Try for second time

If you are conscious about your early ejaculation or are extra concerned about the arousal of your sex partner then you can try for second time to satisfy her. During second session most of the men last much longer than their expectations. You can also improve your stay time in the first session by practicing second session repeatedly for some time.

Thus by following the above discussed tips given by sex experts you can easily know how to last longer in bed as it is the matter of using right technique at right time.

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