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6 tips to avoid weight gain while enjoying holiday parties

Holiday party foods
Holiday party foods
Maggie Korbisch

Holiday parties are in full swing right now and the more prepared you are for all the temptations, the less chance of gaining unwanted pounds.

Preparation starts well in advance of getting dolled up and arriving at the party locale.

  1. Eat healthy meals during the day – don’t skip a meal as this will surely cause overeating later.
  2. Drink plenty of water to ensure hydration. Dehydration causes a person to become hungrier, resulting in a higher calorie consumption throughout the day. Lack of water can even inhibit a person's workout routine. Being fully hydrated regulates the body's temperature and helps the muscles to work well, which in turn leads to a more productive workout.
  3. Schedule exercise in your day. Everyone is extremely busy this time of year, but that just makes it more crucial. Exercise helps with stress levels, sleep patterns, metabolism levels and so much more.
  4. Once you are at the party, always choose quality over quantity at the food table. Enjoy your favorite decadent appetizer or dessert rather than filling your plate with mediocre tasting food. Savor the good stuff!
  5. Don’t let the food on your plate touch each other. Sounds weird, but it ensures you choose your foods carefully and end up with less calories and fat.
  6. Once your plate is filled, walk away from the buffet. Standing near the food makes it that much easier to overeat, as we tend to graze which causes mindless eating.

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  • I don't think so 4 years ago

    These are pretty much common sense and really won't help that much anyway. Though I'm intrigued by the 'don't let food touch each other on the plate.' It gives one reason to pause... 'sides, if the food looks like that sushi-looking stuff in the pic, who's gonna eat it anyway?

  • emkay 4 years ago

    I, for one, need the common sense reminders - otherwise, once we learn something, it would stick forever!
    Savoring is a concept that is easily forgotten when facing a huge table of goodies.
    Thanks for the reminders!

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