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6 Things To Know About Shoe Clips

6 Things To Know About Shoe Clips
6 Things To Know About Shoe Clips

A girl can never have too many shoes, they say. But what a girl can have is financial constraints that prevent her from buying new shoes whenever she wants them. If you are one such girl, the answer to your problem is shoes clips.

What are Shoe Clips?

Shoe Clips are detachable accessories that can accessorize shoes to update and transform their look. From boring office wear black ballet flats to a dazzling pair of shoes fit for clubbing in, shoe clips can work wonders. Simply put, just like little girls wear clips on their hair, girls of all age groups can wear shoe clips on their shoes to make them look different each day.

Why wear Shoe Clips?

Shoe clips are accessories that can instantly make a pair of shoes look different, perhaps nicer. It is not always possible to have a pair of shoes that matches every single dress and outfit in your closet. Shoe clips can take the same pair of shoes and give them a completely new look. For a new and unique look every day, buy a few different shoe clips and see how well they work to enhance the look of your shoes.

Kind of Shoe Clips

Shoe Clips come in a variety of designs and styles. The most common categories are casual, chic, bridal and vintage. Depending upon what mood you are in the morning, you can change the shoes clips on your footwear. Are you ready for a fun morning? Display it to the world with the help of a butterfly shoe clip. Feeling classy as you get ready for a job interview in a grey skirt? Opt for those clips in the shape of small bows.

Material and Designs

Shoe clips come in a number of shapes and sizes, so you can take your pick depending upon the occasion. The most common designs include butterflies, hearts, smiley, flowers, bows, birds, leaves etc. Some more conventional shapes, fitting for formal events, include circles, triangles and tear drops. These clips, if designed for party wear, often come studded with rhinestones, crystal or cubic zirconia.

How to wear Shoe Clips?

Shoe clips have a small clasp at the back that you will need to open. Once opened, place these clips on the shoe and squeeze gently. The clip will fit firmly on the shoe. Voila! Your old shoes have a new look. Wearing shoe clips is a simple and very cost effective way of changing the look of your shoes.

Mixing and Matching

The kind of outfit you wear will have to be matched by the perfect pair of shoes. You can’t wear boring old grey flats when you go for a party. If you don’t have any other shoes and you don’t want to invest in another expensive pair, shoe clips will help you out. Buy glittery shoe clips and attach them to your plain shoes. If you are going to office and want your shoes to look a little different and exclusive, opt for classy bows or understated circular shoe clips. A simple ribbon shoe clip can be worn on weddings to dress up white shoes. The kind of event you are going to will determine what kind of shoe clips you should wear.

Shoe clips, thus, have immense stylistic and utilitarian value. Experiment with your look by buying some shoe clips.