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6 steps to learning social media as a powerful marketing tool

6 Levels of Learning
6 Levels of Learning
Jennifer Henczel

Are you attempting to learn social media, and inbound marketing in general? Want to know how you’re doing?

Many people are making the leap into the digital age, and adding inbound strategies, such as social media, to their marketing toolbox. The learning curve, for many, is steep. But people are stepping up and bravely taking on the challenge. Those who do, will quickly move ahead of their competition.

First, take a look at Bloom’s Taxonomy, which represents a hierarchy of human learning that goes from the simple (level 1) to the complex (level 6), as seen here:

Knowledge: Recall or recognize information
Comprehension: Understand meaning
Application: Use or apply knowledge
Analysis: Interpret knowledge
Synthesis: Develop new structures
Evaluation: Assess concepts

Now, let’s explore these steps as they relate to learning social media as a powerful marketing tool. Where are you at? Hang in there. You are probably further along than you realize.

Knowledge: You've heard about social media, you are convinced you need to go in that direction, and you know some things about it. Perhaps you have attended a workshop on social media.

Comprehension: You know social media is here to stay, and you see the potential in it. You have signed up to some social networks. You are starting to get how it works, somewhat, and learning more every day. You can login, and move around a social network. You are starting to comment on others’ posts, like, share and/or retweet.

Application: You have taken a leap and you have applied some proven social media strategies on a regular basis. You are starting to post your own original content with intention and purpose.

Analysis: Interpret knowledge. You are competent in social media and you are seeing and interpreting the results. You look at analytics and you are able to adjust your game plan as needed.

Synthesis: You are now skilled at social media. You have developed a system for managing your online social presence, and automating the appropriate content.

Evaluation: You have demonstrated expertise in social media and you are able to help others get started.

So, enjoy the journey and be content with where you are at with your learning. Your efforts to engage your audience through social media will pay off. Your momentum and reach will continue to build over time, and before you know it, you will be ascending the steps of learning social media.

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