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6 Steps to get Feedback on Your Blog Using LinkedIn

6 Steps To Get Feedback On Your Blog Using LinkedIn
6 Steps To Get Feedback On Your Blog Using LinkedIn
Rebecca Thompson

LinkedIn is an awful lot like Facebook, but it is for professional connections. Instead of a social media site inundated with photos of cute, fluffy kittens, motivational quotes and dogs in tutu’s, LinkedIn provides professional bloggers, freelancers and business owners a platform to do what they do best: talk shop with other pros. In addition, LinkedIn could be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to marketing and promoting your blog, and keys to get professional feedback.

LinkedIn offers a variety of ways you can get feedback from your blog. All it takes is a little time and effort combined with six simple steps.

  1. Have a complete profile before you post links to your blog. Once finished, keep your profile current and up to date. Partial profiles are unprofessional. Avoid this mistake. It will cost you clients and readers.
  2. Add more connections, and then, add even more. Sure, if you build your blog, they will come, but if you don’t have enough people on your connections list, it doesn't matter how impressive your blog is because no one can see it. Expand your network on a regular basis.
  3. Customize all of the links to your blog on your profile page. Add more than one link and be creative with your descriptions.
  4. Answer questions posted by other LinkedIn professionals. Show off your expertise in your field, and make certain to place a link to your blog at the end of each answer.
  5. Join groups. LinkedIn has a wide range of groups relevant to nearly any line of work. Join as many groups as you’d like, comment on posts and ask to add your blog’s RSS feed to that group for added exposure. After joining a few groups, kick your brand up a notch and create a group all your own.
  6. Get a Badge. LinkedIn allows you to add a blog badge to your profile page. Since a badge is more eye-catching than a single text-based link, adding a badge is a smart move.

Of course, the number one rule to remember when it comes to soliciting professional feedback for your blog is a simple one: ask for it after each post. Asking for feedback should become the de facto ending to each of your blog posts, whether on LinkedIn or anywhere else on the web.

By following these six steps, networking with other LinkedIn professionals and by staying on top of your digital life, you will be on your way to blogging fame in no time flat.

Did I miss something? What steps do you think are important?

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