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6 P's of Successful Retirement—People, Physique, Prosperity, Perspective, Profession, Participation

Follow the 6-P's and kick up your heels!
Follow the 6-P's and kick up your heels!

Successful Retirement Living means you put as much thought and effort into crafting your retirement life as you did the various stages of your previous life: school life, married life, children life, career life, and so on. Here’s a formula around which you can focus your Successful Retirement Living in Mankato: 1. People, 2. Physique, 3. Prosperity, 4. Perspective, 5. Profession, 6. Participation

1. People—family, friends, new acquaintances. Give time to family and current friends, but make plans to meets new friends along the way.
2. Physique—your body. Of course you’ll want to do all you can to stay healthy, but research ways which you can keep yourself attractive as well—at any age. Males as well as females need to research the possibilities.
3. Prosperity--managing resources. Whatever your financial status, you can learn to be both practical and creative in managing all your resources—not just money, but space, gifts, and talents.
4. Perspective--ideas, beliefs. Retirement is the time to examine your beliefs and ideals. On closer thought, you may find you’ve outgrown some of them and want may want to explore new arenas of thought.
5. Profession--past, new, renewed. In Retirement, you may be able to expand avenues of your professional field you could work into your schedule before. How would it feel to mentor a young person just starting out in your profession?
6. Participation--giving and receiving. Some new retirees are tempted to “do too much too soon”; other may be tempted to “cocoon” at home and isolate themselves. Whichever you are, try to stretch yourself in the opposite direction—until you find a healthy balance of giving and taking.

Mankato has a wealth of resources available to help you work on your 6-P’s of Successful Retirement. Upcoming columns will feature each of the 6-P’s. But, for a general overview of retirement resources, view the Greater Mankato Growth’s Senior’s page.


  • Alicia Bayer 5 years ago

    This is great advice and I love the photo. I'm not near retirement age yet but I've been following your articles as a fellow Mankato Examiner. Besides, some of my favorite people are retirement age. :)


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