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6 Must Have Military Gadgets

Military grade gadgets and accessories are known for their durability and practicality. If you are looking for the best that the military has to offer, now might be the time to upgrade your toolbox or outdoors kit. Below is a list of six must have military gadgets for recreational and everyday use.

Military Grade Survival Knife (click here)

A military survival knife is ideal for the outdoorsmen who needs a knife that can get the job done, whatever it may be. Not for the weak of wrist, a military survivor knife is perfect for a hunting or fishing trip. When kept fresh by a sharpening stone, this knife can gut, cut and carve as your go-to knife when out in the wilderness. A quality military knife should come with a sheath for protection, and leather-wrapped handle for a firm grip. Appropriate for adults, 18 and up.

Swiss Army Knife (click here)

A classic addition to any first aid kit, back pack, toolbox or even a jewelry box or purse, the Swiss Army Knife is an easy to conceal, practical tool for everyday use. The standard Swiss Army Knife comes with miniature scissors, a nail file, knife and a pick. This handheld gadget is a great tool for small projects and crafts, or teaching a young one how to whittle on a bar of soap. Use the nail file to keep your nails from getting rough and catching cotton, or cut away hangnails with the scissors. A Swiss Army Knife is often the first tool in a first aid kit, and will bring back sentimental feeling from your youth.

Entrenching Tool (click here)

An entrenching tool is a sturdy resource for digging holes for posts or other outdoor needs. A wide handle for extra grip helps you to get more power behind your dig, and the jagged edge provides a surface for hacking away or sawing small branches. Also compactable, an entrenching tool can be folded to fit conveniently into the trunk of a car or tucked into a backpack.

Military Grade Flashlight (click here)

It’s time to get rid of that plastic, one-switch flashlight in the closet, because you need a flashlight that can withstand wear and tear, and light up the night. A military grade flashlight is the perfect accessory to keep you safe in the event that the car breaks down, or if you just need a light to close up camp for the night. Many military flashlights come with three settings: one for super bright, a second at 40% power and a third function for a distress, flashing strobe light. Military flashlights come in all shapes in sizes, but for the best portability, consider a smaller light with a fixed clip, like this one.

Military Watch (click here)

A military watch is a must have gadget for someone who wants the highest quality when it comes to owning a practical and versatile accessory. Many military watches on the market are made with a tactical approach. These watches go far and beyond just displaying the time, but can also measure altitude, barometric pressure, water depth, temperature and direction, down to the degree. Other military watches can also be used to dress up an outfit, and may include military insignia to showcase current or former service.

Tactical Backpack (click here)

A tactical backpack is one of the most versatile additions to any collection for outdoorsmen, students or for everyday, practical use. With multiple compartments of variant sizes, you’ll be sure to find the right place to store whatever you need for a day, whether you are walking the halls or walking the trail. A quality tactical backpack should include plenty of secure straps for support and sturdy zippers that will stand the test of time.

All of these gadgets and accessories are available through sites like Medals of America online.

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