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6 More Weeks, Thanks Phil!

6 more weeks of winter
6 more weeks of winter
Photo by Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

Even though it was forecasted to be a rainy, dreary day Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and ran back in. Yes, it's true six more weeks of winter! However, before you get the winter blues remember Phil as only been right, according to reports, 39% of the time. There is still a chance for an early spring if his record continues at its present rate. Unfortunately, if the existing weather pattern continues it looks like he might be right.

This has been one of the coldest, wettest winters for some areas and for others, it hasn't gotten this much snow in a very long time. We could also be headed to snow at the end of the Super Bowl. Although today's high is going to be near 50 degrees, the low is 30 with snow coming in overnight. The weather man, science, and Phil are all trying to predict something that can be at times, very unpredictable. So I guess we just sit back and enjoy the nice things about winter like; fireplaces, hot chocolate, and snowball fights. Spring will be here when it's ready come, and soon we'll be complaining about how hot it is!