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'6 more weeks of Winter' indie movie guide

In case you haven't heard Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow meaning six more weeks of Winter 2014. For those already suffering from cabin fever that's not a good sign. So, get out and relax over these next six weeks and catch a movie to relieve the season's doldrums or to escape the cold (after reading this guide, of course) and see what's in store for Pittsburgh area theaters.

Gathr Films presents "The Pretty One"
Playing Today in Pittsburgh theaters
Columbia Pictures

Coming Soon:

2/2 "Groundhog Day" @ these various locations- Bill Murray is at his best as a local weatherman sent to cover the annual event at Gobbler's Knob, only to find that he is reliving the same day over and over again. A comedic classic that tickles the funny bone while tugging at the heartstrings. Co-starring Andie McDowell and Chris Elliott.

2/5 "The Pretty One" @ the Hollywood theater- Gathr Films, the cool, new theatrical distributor that premieres sneak previews (really, single night showings) here in town before much bigger cities, like N.Y. or L.A., feature them, debuts their latest release in a sweet 'chick flick' involving a sad tale of a girl (starlet in waiting, Zoe Kazan, in dual roles) who assumes the identity of her more popular and attractive identical twin after her untimely death. Jake Johnson and Ron Livingston play the parts of suitors for the pretty one's affections.

2/14 "Gloria" @ the Manor theatre- Paulina Garcia, the winner of best lead actress award for the Berlin Film Fest 2013, will sweep you off your feet in a gutsy portrayal of a fifty-something Chilean woman whose free spirit will not be held down by any man. Candid, often sensual scenes of people getting up in age adds to an offbeat but, satisfying portrait of growing old.

2/14 "Blue is the Warmest Color" @ the Hollywood theater- Drusky Entertainment presents a provocative three hour French Drama about Adele (a luminescent Adele Exarchopoulos) who can’t figure out why she isn't attracted to boys, meets a rebellious girl with blue hair ( Lea Seydoux), named Emma. She ignites a desire in Adele that she never knew she possessed. Rated NC-17 for extended explicit scenes of girlfriends becoming more than just friends.

2/21 "Black Out" @ the Hollywood theater- Gathr Films brought this Foreign Actioner in for a sneak preview last month and it returns for one more late night showing. A gritty Euro crime drama that would fit right in for fans of early Tarantino or Ritchie films with a frenetic pace and grim laughs. A retired criminal awakes on his wedding day only to discover that he must commit a caper in the next 24 hours to cover the cost of 20 kilos of stolen cocaine that has been pinned on him.

2/21 "Like Father, Like Son" @ the Harris theater- In the grand tradition of Japanese drama comes Writer/Director Hirokazu Koreeda's newest picture in an exquisitely detailed story of two very different families who discover that their boys were switched at birth. Definitely upholds the master work of filmmakers like Yasujiro Ozu or Hiroshi Teshigahara. Also available soon on IFC's VOD service.

3/21 "The Grand Budapest Hotel" @ the Manor theatre- Director Wes Anderson returns with his latest eclectic offering. A series of weird tales set at a safe mountain resort during World War II. The all-star cast includes Tilda Swinton, Ralph Fiennes, Bill Murray, Edward Norton, Jude Law, Owen Wilson , Saoirse Ronan and Lea Seydoux.

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