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6 home decorating tips to set the mood for romance

Romantic vibe at home
Romantic vibe at home

Everyday can be a day of romance. Here are the some home decorating tips to help set a romantic mood for you and your loved ones.

1. Set the mood with lights
Good lighting is perhaps the most effective way to set a romantic atmosphere. Avoid bright lights as they can make the entire space look harsh and uncomfortable. Be sure to use different types of lights to create the perfect balance between light and shadows. Also, observe how natural lighting, electric lights, and candles can work together to produce a romantic vibe.

2. Bring in the romantic furniture
Antique furniture can add more than a dose of romance into your home. Their combination, their styles, and their location make so much difference to a space. For instance, an antique Victorian oak bed or a French daybed at Antiques on Old Plank Road can serve as great key pieces. It is all about the placement, contrast, and how each piece complements each other.

3. Let colors do the talking
Colors have a way of setting the tone for every room. For most, subtle hints of red, the rich shades of purple and gold can work wonders in terms of getting that romantic feeling when you walk into your home. Not everything needs to match or be overdone. A touch here and a hint there can do the trick.

4. Avoid clutter
A big part of a romantic setting is relaxation. A romantic home is one that keeps your mind away from stress or work. Avoid clutter. Don’t attempt to try all your style ideas at once. Keeping it simple can speak volumes in terms of style.

5. Get personal
Memories evoke romance. Adding a personal touch through memorable objects is an effective way to set the romantic mood. Place old pictures, souvenirs, and other personal items throughout the room. Use nostalgia to your advantage.

6. Include all senses
Colors, furniture, and lights can make your room visually appealing. Involve all the senses during your decorating process. Scented candles, potpourri, and perfume can stimulate your sense of smell. A good measure of scent can make the room extra romantic. Music is also another good ingredient that you can add. These elements can set the mood and make romantic moments more special.

Transforming your home to a romantic setting does not need to take up all your time and energy. Just by rearranging your furniture and adding romantic elements you will see and feel the difference.

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