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6 healthy foods that make you fat

6 foods that can cause weight gain
6 foods that can cause weight gain
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You’re trying to eat healthy and exercise to get or stay slim but your jeans still pinch at the waist, so what gives? You’re being bombarded everyday with what you should and shouldn’t be eating so it can be difficult to navigate your way through with good results. And after all is said and done, even healthy foods can make you fat, here are 6 of them.

  1. Raw foods. Mark Hyman, a doctor from Massachusetts recently told The New York Times, “I know a lot of fat vegans.” With that being said, eating only fruits and vegetables is surely a healthy way to live, but when you add layers of fat to them it becomes a different story. Some popular juice bars create concoctions that can have more than 800 calories, so beware.
  2. Hummus. Chickpeas are a healthy choice and so is hummus when eaten in small amounts. This special snack is very high in calories and if you are the type of person that can eat of whole container of it in one sitting then you’d be better off skipping it all together. Learn how to make your own healthy delicious hummus here.
  3. Nuts. Without a doubt, there’s nothing better than nuts for you to snack on between meals to keep you from feeling hungry and make bad decisions later on in the day. But keep in mind that one once of nuts has about 14 grams of fat, so if you eat more than that you’re going to gain weight. Learn more about nuts here.
  4. Grapes. Can you believe it? This isn’t about calories or fat, it’s about sugar. One cup of grapes contains 15 grams of sugar; which is like eating three Oreo cookies. Eat more than a cup and you’re going to pack on the pounds because sugar turns to fat, especially if you haven’t exercised.
  5. Green juice. Did you know that most glasses of green juice contain nearly six teaspoons of sugar? That’s getting close to a can of soda. Since most people blend fruits with their vegetables to make green juice sweeter and edible, they’re also potentially getting fatter.
  6. Gluten-free foods. This has become quite popular lately, even for those who don’t have celiac disease because we’ve all been lead to believe that gluten-free foods are healthier. The fact is, you might look and feel better by cutting gluten from your diet, but no matter what type of food you are eating, it’s important to read all labels before buying anything. Sugar content should always be the deciding factor when weight gain is a concern.

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