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6 Green Gadgets that Lower Utility Costs

Green gadgets that lower utility costs
Green gadgets that lower utility costs

Being eco-friendly isn't just good for the environment, it's good for your wallet too! By spending a little money on green gadgets that reduce energy and water waste, you'll see be able to lower utility costs and feel good knowing you're helping the planet. We've listed 6 affordable green gadgets that will pay for themselves in no time flat.

Green gadgets that reduce energy waste

"Smart" Power Strips - Even when your television and computer are turned off, they are using electricity. Unless you unplug everything you own after each use, you're unwittingly using energy. A 'Smart' Strip is a green device that monitors usage and can distinguish when electronics are no longer being used. The strip essentially 'unplugs' these items, thereby working to lower utility costs and reduce energy waste significantly.

Energy Detectors - If you don't know which appliances and electronics are costing you the most to run, how can you be expected to lower your electric bill? Energy Detectors are amazing green gadgets that allow you to see exactly how much energy is being used. The unit feeds into your power cable and displays current usage, as well as the opportunity to compare it to previous months usage. This way, you can see specifically how much energy is being used when the dryer is on, when the air conditioning is running, and so on, which can help you determine what needs to be done to lower utility costs.

Light Dimmer - Homes that use light dimmers can save an average of 20% on their energy bill. There are many types of these handy green gadgets to choose from, ranging from the standard dial dimmer, to sophisticated dimmers that atomically dim or turn off the lights when a room is unoccupied. Find out more about the benefits of using a light dimmer.

Green gadgets that reduce water waste

Flush converter - A flush converter is a green gadget that you place in the toilet to regulate water waste. Normally, each time you flush the toilet, the same amount of water is dispensed. With a flush converter, you control how much water is used with each flush, thereby saving roughly 15,000 gallons of water each year!

Low-Flow Showerhead - A low-flow showerhead can reduce your household water consumption by as much as 50%, according to Earth These inexpensive green gadgets work to reduce the of gallons delivered each minute, thereby eliminating water waste. By replacing your current showerheads with low-flow models in each shower, the unit will pay for itself in just a few months.

Faucet Aerator - To reduce water waste from household faucets, install an aerator in every faucet in the house. For a cost of under $ 10.00 a piece, these green gadgets work to control the amount of water released from the water faucet. Without a faucet aerator, water will flow out heavily from the faucet. But with one in place, it spreads the water release into a thinner, wider stream, and can help lower your utility costs by up to 50%.

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