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6 Flawless Makeup Tips to Apply Lipstick to Thin Lips

In today's beauty world, many women are seeking ways to enhance their smile and naturally plump up their lips. While there are a variety of cosmetic procedures that work well to temporary plump up the lips through filler injections, there are also some simple tricks that allow you to create beautiful, full lips with a simple tube of lipstick. By following a few easy steps when applying your lipstick, you can create a luscious, healthy and beautiful smile in just a short period of time.

Step 1 - Gently Scrub Lips
One of the most important aspects to creating luscious and kissable lips is to make sure they are properly scrubbed and exfoliated before applying lipstick. This ensures that all the dry skin is removed, allowing for minimal flaking, ensuring a smooth and slick appearance. You can easily scrub the lips with a soft washcloth and natural cleanser, and there are also all-natural lip exfoliating scrubs that help to gently remove the dry skin while promoting healthy collagen production. You only need to exfoliate the lips once a week, but it is important to gently scrub them with a soft cloth before your daily application of lipstick.

Step 2 - Drown the Lips in Moisture
The next step is to drown your lips with moisture. This can easily be accomplished with an all-natural lip moisturizing balm. It is important to use a natural moisturizer, as they contain ingredients such as Vitamin E and Aloe Vera that deeply penetrate the lip skin and promote moisture and suppleness. Allow the lip moisturizer to soak into the lips for at least twenty minutes, and gently remove any excess balm to ensure a smooth and slick finish.

Step 3 - Apply Your Lip Liner
The third step in creating beautiful and dramatic lips is to apply your lip liner. Lip liner can be applied directly on the lip line, or if you are looking for a more pronounced effect that will enhance the size of your lip appearance, you can cheat a bit and draw a new lip line a millimeter or two above your natural lip line. Choose a color that complements your lipstick and blends in naturally, as this will help to maintain a natural and luscious appearance as opposed to a penciled-on look. Let your lip liner settle into the skin for at least five minutes before taking the next step.

Step 4 - Fill In Your Lips With Lipstick
The next step is to fill in your lined and moisturized lips with lipstick. You can be generous when applying, as you will blend it all in with the next step. Make sure to cover the entire lip area, all the way up to the lip line. Once you have applied your lipstick, blot your lips on a tissue or rub your lips together to begin the blending process.

Step 5 - Use a Lip Brush for Blending
Using a lip brush for additional blending will provide a smoothed out and shiny appearance, and will blend the colors of the lip liner and lipstick perfectly. Lip brushes are small and similar to an eye shadow brush, except the bristles are slightly stiffer. Wet your lip brush prior to blending in your lipstick to ensure proper blending and additional moisture.

Step 6- Clean Up Mistakes
Using a wet tissue or a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover, gently clean off any nicks or smears around your lips. This will allow for a picture perfect smile with absolutely zero flaws.

Make Your Lipstick Last
Once you have applied your lipstick, you may be wondering how to make your lipstick last. While it is important to re-apply every few hours, this can also lead to a caked-on look. All-natural lipstick top-coats work well to maintain your color without fading, and applying a clear lip balm on top of your lip color can also help to keep the color from fading.

Luscious and beautiful lips are easily attainable with a few simple do-it-yourself steps. By taking the extra time to exfoliate and moisturize, as well as apply a lip liner and top coat, you will be truly amazed at how beautiful and natural your lips look and feel.

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