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6 Easy Ways to Help the Planet

California Mountains
California Mountains
Brandie Bell

Imagine a world without trees or parks, birds or animals, Just concrete, buildings, smog and billions of people.

As horrible as this is to imagine, this could be our future if we do not take steps to protect our environment and regulate the companies and people that only wish to exploit it.

Here are 6 Easy Ways We Can Help the Environment…

1.) CARE!

The planet is a living breathing thing. It sustains us and keeps us alive. There are ways to live in harmony with the environment.

2.) Promote Biodiversity.

Biodiversity is the variety of species in our environment; it is what makes this world what it is. Biodiversity is essential to survive. We are all interdependent on each other in ways scientists have yet to discover.

3.) Endorse Clean Energy.

Clean energy, renewable energy or green energy refers to energy produced from renewable resources without creating adverse effects on the environment.

4.) Protect Natural Resources

Drinking Water, Fossil Fuels, Rain Forests, Coal, Petroleum, Marine Animals, Animals, Birds, Natural Gas are all is a finite resources, this means, one day we will run out.

5.) Buy Local whenever possible.

When you buy local food and products you are helping the environment in many ways.
You are;
· Lowering environmental impact
· Reducing fossil fuel consumption
· Promoting local jobs
· Growing your local Community

6.) Educate Yourself, your family and friends.

Do not be fooled by tricky wording. It is so important to know what is really going on around you. Politicians and corporations have used the negative marketing against the environment in the news for years. It is a way to manipulate the information given to society. This allows them to get what they want, no matter the health or safety costs to you. If you do not seek information from both sides, there is a good chance you are misinformed.
Right now there are companies trying desperately to (Just to mention a few):
· Drill in environmentally protected land. (State Parks)
· Build a pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico that will not benefit us once built.
· Earth Fracturing or “Fracking” for natural gas is polluting soil and water all over the country, and much more.
· Off shore drill in Alaska

The most powerful tool is knowledge. Don’t be misinformed. Understand what is going on and how you can help.

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PHOTO Credit:brandie bell

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