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6 easy ways for Moms to incorporate social media in to their business

working moms benefit for using social media.
working moms benefit for using social media.

As my kids grew older and I became more involved in turning my business into an online business, I realized that I owe so much gratitude to the ‘circle of women’ I met on the Internet and have grown attached to. I started my Internet endeavor completely alone. However, I continue to produce and flourish within a group of brilliant and fascinating women who all work and play online. I wrote a book about my online experience because I am in awe of how the Internet can change lives and truly touch the human soul.

The Internet has truly broadened my reach to other women who find their livelihood online. My current book: “The Internet Mommy: Inspiring Interviews and Stories from Mothers Who Work and Play Online,” explores how social networks influence the way online moms make money, view life, find friends and raise kids in today’s digital world.

The moms who contributed content my book- ranged from tech-savvy to irreverent to spiritual. Regardless, all of the moms had a point of view and words of wisdom to share. The wide-ranging content comes from A-list sites including, a savvy social networking site for moms; I’m Not Obsessed, a popular celebrity mom blog; TechMamas, a technology blog with a parenting slant; and White Trash Mom, the mom who is on a crusade against perfection. There is a long list of truly clever ideas from truly clever women.

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Kimberley Clayton Blaine is the author of the Go-To Mom books series. She is a national parenting expert and a licensed Family and Child Therapist who specializes in working with children ages newborn to six years old. Kimberley is the founder and executive producer of a grassroots webshow, called www.TheGoToMom.TV. Kimberley is a national speaker and teaches Early Childhood Brain Development and Positive Discipline Strategies at UCLA Extension Education