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6 die house fire Newark: 2 homes destroyed, 6 people killed in raging fire

6 die in a house fire in Newark that left two homes completely destroyed. According to eCanadaNow, the fire started around 4:00 a.m. on Sunday at a residential home in Jersey. The flames were so large that a second home was quickly involved in the inferno. Police have not released the identities of those who died in the fire, but a neighboring pastor revealed that a "wonderful family" lived in one of the homes and were members of the church.

According to the pastor:

"The family immigrated to New Jersey from the Caribbean, and had lived in the home for about five years. The pastor James Johnson confirmed that they were from the island of St. Vincent."

Of the 6 that died in the house fire in Newark, there was at least one child. A woman by the name of Iris Sydney was at the scene of the fire. She said that two of the bodies found were family members of hers: Her daughter and her grandson. Police are expected to release the names of those who were killed in the fire later this week. Proper autopsy reports must be completed and family members must be notified beforehand. Even still, neighbors have already confirmed that the Caribbean family had lived in one of the homes that was burning.

Neighbor Brion Cameron said of the deceased:

"They was real sweet. The old lady, she had a nice heart. She was a calm person. If anything ever went wrong and you needed her help, she was there."

The 6 die in Newark house fire news story can be seen in the video above.

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