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6 claims that might improve your health

Buffalo meat has more iron levels. Raisins help gum disease. Tea made with alkaline water is healthier. House plants purify the air. Bananas clean your colon. Peanut butter chocolate spiders won't harm you.

Gross bugs in my burger

Raisins: You might think that because raisins are sweet and sticky, they’re not good for your oral health. But research has shown that antioxidants in raisins fight the growth of a type of bacteria that can cause inflammation and gum disease.

Bison: Don't be buffaloed into believing all red meat is high-fat. Sweet-tasting bison — or buffalo — is lower in saturated fat than conventional beef and is rich in protein: Five ounces have almost a third of most runners' daily needs. Since bison are brought to market later in life than cattle, they store up higher iron levels. "Iron is needed to produce hemoglobin, which carries oxygen to your muscles to help power your stride," says Ryan. Many bison are raised on a grass diet, and, as a result, studies show they have higher levels of heart-healthy omega-3s than corn-fed beef. Plus, ranchers are banned from using hormones in bison intended for food consumption.

Plants: Bring more plants into your home and workplace. We all know that plants turn carbon dioxide into oxygen. But did you know plants can also purify the air, removing harmful pollutants? Not only will the air you breathe be fresher, plants also naturally humidify the air reducing allergies and sinusitis. Plants have psychological benefits as well. We are happier, less stressed and more productive in a greener, more natural environment. If you don't have a little plant at your workstation, get one or two!

Tea made with alkaline water is healthier: Earlier research on alkaline water on tea shows that brewing tea with alkaline water increases the amount of tea catechins – antioxidant compounds in tea – extracted from the tea leaves. Alkaline water has also been shown to reduce the formation of tea cream – deposits that appear on the bottom of a teacup as tea cools. Tea cream deposits rob tea of it’s antioxidant potential. The ability of alkaline water to prevent tea cream formation is pH dependent. The higher the pH of the alkaline water you make your tea with, the less tea cream will form as your tea cools. Thus alkaline water acts to preserve the antioxidant potential of tea as it cools.

Bananas: If you feel tired, sluggish, your stomach hurts or you are constipated, then you may have a colon that isn't properly functioning. Cleaning your colon will reverse all these symptoms. An unhealthy colon creates toxins and passes them onto the entire body. Eating bananas is a natural, easy way you can clean your colon in the comfort of your own home. Bananas are rich in fiber. Fiber is very important to your colon because it helps stimulate bowel contractions and makes healthy bacteria for your body. Fiber gets rid of harmful materials in your body and absorbs nutrients. By eating lots of bananas and drinking lots of water, you can increase your fiber intake and quickly clean your colon.

Spider Legs: Chocolate-covered spider legs. The Food and Drug Administration allows a certain amount of grossness to happen to your food before they will deem it unsafe. Processing food is complicated, and if the FDA were too strict, too much food would be labeled unacceptable. Unfortunately, this knowledge doesn't make our food any more appealing. It is rumored that the average chocolate bar contains approximately eight spider legs. Okay so no real spider leg health claim, but the food it's in tastes good.

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