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6 "Buy Me" Albums of 2013

Shopping for albums by your favorite artists can be hit and miss. ITunes can become costly and if you're buying more than three songs, why not just get the whole album?

To be sure to get your money's worth, let's look at what albums were great start to finish this year. Here are the top albums to buy from 2013...

1. Jake Bugg "Jake Bugg" There is only one song on this album that doesn't do it...the rest are golden Dylan-esque pop songs. Which one? Figure it out for yourself and listen. Bugg writes all his material and is still in his teens. The guy has just got "It", pure & simple.

2. Arcade Fire "Reflektor" Arcade Fire is hit & miss, but hits BIG with Reflektor. This is the quintessential dance album for the indie music scene. For any music scene. It's what Daft Punk could have been if they hadn't stuck their heads up Disco beats and retreaded something better left in the 70's. Bravo Arcade Fire!

3. The National "Trouble Will Find Me" It's a slow marinate with any album by The National and this is no different. One must listen to it for a week straight to let their greatness settle in, but once it does, you are hooked. Playing odd time signatures and wrapping the darkest, starkest, lyrics in them, makes for high voltage, sullen melancholy tunes.

4. Fiona Apple "The Idler Wheel..." First listen to this album, and it's obviously a different Fiona. Time has matured her sound and her angst. Self deprecating and insightful on her own faults, if you listen closely, she too wraps it up in a tight bow of interesting soundscapes of clanging bottles and beats. Marinate with this one, give it six months, and you'll be surprised.

5. Sebadoh "Defend Yourself" Long live 90's Alt garage guitar rock! This album is solid straight through. After you are done listening you'll hit repeat. If you don't get it, you don't get the 90's.

6. Atoms For Peace "AMOK" What Radiohead's King Of Limbs should have sounded like, but doesn't. This is a solid, innovative collective of electro-experimental music that will take ten years to really get the accolades it deserves.

So for your New Year's Eve party, pick up Arcade Fire's Reflektor, Atoms For Peace's AMOK, Sebadoh, and Jake Bugg. Save Fiona and The National for the wind down hours. Whatever you do...just have a great holiday season and keep cranking some great, new tunes!

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