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6 Best Ways to Reignite the Lost Spark in Your Relationship

Ways to Reignite the Lost Spark in Your Relationship
Ways to Reignite the Lost Spark in Your Relationship

It is a common complaint among couples who have been together for a while. Their sex life can become less satisfying and intercourse can seem more like a chore than an intimate activity. While it might be a common problem among couples, there are some simple ways to reignite your relationship and have a satisfying sex life again.

Ways to Reignite Your Relationship

It is important to always make sure that you and your partner have open and honest conversations about your sex life. Simply admitting that there is a problem and discussing it, is one of the best ways to reignite the passion in your relationship. Communicating with your partner can also help to increase the level of intimacy you share. Here are some simple ways you and your partner can use to reignite your relationship.

1. Enjoy a new activity with your partner.
For the majority of couples, part of the sexual excitement came from experiencing new activities with each other. Once the newest has worn off, couples can often find themselves stuck in the same routine. Try starting a new hobby together, or take dancing lessons. Not only do you get to spend time together, you also get to learn something new about each other. It can even include trying a new restaurant, or going to a sporting event for the first time.

2. Add mystery and surprise to the relationship.
This simply means adding a few of the touches that used to excite you during the initial stages of the relationship, such as sending flowers or a surprise lunch date. The little surprise touches that seem to stop once a couple has settled into a routine, can help to reignite the spark and passion that was there during the beginning of the relationship.

3. Increase adrenaline and arousal.
Men and women both experience an increase in adrenaline during the early stages of a relationship, and this also contributes to a higher libido. Many couples are finding that when they include adrenaline boosting activities in their lives, their sex life dramatically improves. Adrenaline improves blood flow to both male and female sex organs and can cause an increase in libido. Running together is one way to increase adrenaline, along with riding roller coasters and watching a scary movie.

4. Take a small vacation for two.
When you were first dating it was easy to take a romantic vacation together, but now friends and family always seem to intrude. To recreate that intimate and arousing bond you experienced in the beginning, try to find a romantic place where you can make new memories together. The mini vacation does not have to be far from home, it only has to be quiet and away from familiar distractions.

5. Remember to touch each other.
This does not mean you should constantly grope each other, simply remember a small touch on her hand or kiss is a tender way to tell her your love her. Touching is not only sexual, it is also a way to stay physiologically connected even when you are too busy for intercourse. This can help keep the passion alive until you are both ready.

6. Play.
Making time to simply have fun is one of the keys to a happy and healthy long term relationship. Playing together helps you stay connected emotionally, which is a great idea to increase libidos. Laughing and having fun not only helps to reignite a couple's sexual life, it can help them to connect on a more intimate level which helps to improve orgasms. Laughter can also cause the brain to release certain endorphins that can cause an increase in sexual desire and make it easier to reach a climax.


Almost all couples will experience a point in their relationships when their sex life is not satisfying. Kids, stress, and daily life can all make it seem impossible to engage in intercourse. Discussing the problem with your partner is one of the first steps towards addressing the problem, and it can often help improve any issues with intimacy and trust. Adding new activities to your relationship can help to recreate that feeling of newness. Otherwise, simply remembering to touch your partner throughout the day and sending her an occasional surprise can go a long way towards keeping the spark going in your relationship.

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