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6 Best Sexual Tips for Men Over 30

6 Best Sexual Tips for Men Over 30

Men over 30 maybe older, but that doesn't slow down their desire for sex. In fact, their want to engage in a healthy sex life is more vibrant than ever. Although their bodies are only as capable in sex, as their physical health allows. So here are 6 important sexual tips for men over 30, so that you can keep your sex life hot.

  • Eat a healthy diet
    You are what you eat, but your sex life is too. What your body takes in directly impacts your ability to be sexually functional. A diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grain foods is a good start. Prime cuts of lean meats and fish are great sources of protein, which always boosts your ability to keep fit for sex. Low fat milk is not a bad choice either. Avoid less healthy snacks like sugar, caffeine and anything that takes a long time to digest. Many men fail to understand this, then wonder why they are too full to make it. Eat right and stay up all night, make it your personal mantra.
  • Get regular exercise
    Being in shape physically aids everything about your sexual performance. It increases blood flow to your penis and extends your endurance sexually. Being able to breath correctly, allows you to keep pace with your sexual activities without getting worn out. All these things lend themselves to increase the male sex stamina and sexual performance. Getting in shape also makes you feel and look more attractive. Feeling good about your body is the key to having a healthy self esteem.
  • Do Kegel exercises
    Kegel exercise are often associated with women's fitness, but they are equally beneficial for the male sex drive. Essentially Kegels strengthen all the muscular tissues that connect with the tailbone and the penis. By getting these muscles in shape, you increase the ability for fluids to flow successfully through your urethra. Learning to have solid control of the Kegel muscles will increase your orgasmic control. You will be able to have ejaculation control, increase the power of your orgasm and your overall sexual pleasure. Do them regularly and your lover will be amazed at your performance in the bedroom.
  • Stop smoking
    If you smoke cigarettes, cigars or any kind of tobacco, your sex life will be impacted by it. Smoking also will shorten your breath, making it hard to engage in extended sexual intercourse. Every cigarette takes away from your sex life, so why not stop? You will end up living longer and be able to have sex more.
  • Reduce your alcohol intake
    Drinking alcohol is counter productive to having sex, simply because it makes you lethargic. Men often find drinking hard liquor disables their ability to get an erection, hence the term whiskey dick. Even beer and wine can have negative impact on your blood flow. Also alcohol may loosen your inhibitions, but it might cause you to act like a jerk. This will never get you laid.
  • Avoid illegal substances
    Most drugs are equally counter productive to getting an erection. Pharmaceuticals are the worst, but street drugs like meth amphetamine and cocaine have similar sexual issues. Speed of any kind will make users feel like they are horny, but that doesn't mean that they will be able to do anything about it. Drugs are a bad choice of aphrodisiac, because their effects are too random and unpredictable. For good sex, avoid illegal substances.

In summary males need to engage in a behavior pattern that keeps them fit for a healthy sex life. The best methods always include a healthy diet and regular exercise. Men should try Kegel exercises for optimizing a sexual fitness that will keep them safe and active. In addition to these basics your sex life will improve, if an individual refrains from smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and using illegal drugs. These rules are simple.

If they are followed, males of any age should be able to engage in any sexual activities without problems. Get the most out of your sex life by using these sexual tips for men over 30. Getting it on and getting it up is only part of being sexy, being healthy makes ordinary men into sex gods. Have fun boys.

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