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6 basic things overlooked in an interview

6 basic things overlooked in an interview
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Most people get so caught up preparing for the interview, they tend to overlook the basic things that needs to be addressed first. This article is a quick walk-through about the things that most candidate tend to overlook.

So, the day of your interview has arrived. Your resume have spoken about your accomplishments, skills and experience. Now the interviewer wants to meet you and know what you can bring to the company. To nail this face-to-face interview, just apply these basic tips:

  • Look the part – The first thing an interviewer will notice is the way you have dressed. So, what is the professional dress code for an interview? A candidate dressed in a business suit (this is the same for men and women) will make a better impression than a candidate dressed in scruffy jeans and t-shirt .
  • List of Stationaries – Carry the following things with you:
     Printed copy of your resume and other information such as references, employer contact details and educational details (This will come in handy if you are filling up an application)
     Photo Identification (Driver’s license or passport)
     Notepad and Pen
  • Arrive Early - Always arrive early for an interview, but not too early. Check your interview time and make sure to arrive 5 or 10 mins early. Remember to switch off your cellphone or keep it in silence.
  • Small Talk - Introduce yourself confidently and give a firm handshake. If there are more interviewers, introduce yourself to each of them. A simple small talk can break the ice and put everybody at ease. You can say something like, ‘How are you doing?’ or ‘It is a fantastic day’ (only if the day is fantastic)
  • Listen and learn - When the interviewer is explaining about the company and the job responsibilities and expectations, make sure to take down notes. Also make sure to note down the answers to your questions. This way you can be prepared for your later interviews. This will show the interviewer how passionate you are about the job and how you take the responsibilities that comes with the it seriously. Thus establishing yourself as a promising candidate.
  • Last Impression - The last impression you make is just as important as the first. Towards the end of the interview, re-iterate your skills and interest and ask the employer about the next step. Express your appreciation for the opportunity, and tell the interviewer you look forward to speaking to them again.

After the interview send out a thank you e-mail. If you have missed to say anything in the interview, you can add it in the e-mail.

Watch out for this space for more article on interview skills, thank you e-mail samples and power words to use on your resume

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