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6 apps to make you should get for Super Bowl Sunday

For many people across the country Super Bowl Sunday is one of the major holidays of the year. For the people in the greater Seattle area it is even more special this year with our own Seahawks in the big game. It becomes a day of parties, talking trivia about the past Super Bowls, watching pre-game interviews and then finally the big game itself. For some of these people it is can just be a last minute affair where they call a few friends the day before. For others they spend the entire week planning the perfect party. If you fit in to either one of these categories there are some apps that will help you make your Super Bowl party memorable.

  • Super Bowl party ideas by Attaphon Radsadonsak is a free app for your android-based device that will help you plan the perfect party for the big game. The app has hundreds of idea and recipes that will make you the MVP (most valuable party-giver) of Super Bowl Sunday.

  • Since this years game is outdoors at a cold weather stadium what could be better party fare than chile. The Chili Chef By INVISIONS TECHNICAL ARTS LLC is an app for your iPad, iPhone and iPod that will provide you with dozens of chili recipes from top chefs and prize winners. The app will set you back $1.99 but is well worth it to be a star to all your Super Bowl guests.

  • Super Bowl-know it all by know it all apps is an app for your iPad and iPhone that will let you challenge all friends to test their knowledge of the big game. The app cost $0.99.

  • Super Bowl trivia by Evel Bunny Studios is a free app for your android-based device that will let you challenger your friends with dozens of tough questions about the big game.

  • Super Bowl quiz by ZeusLab is a free app for Amazon's Kindle Fire that provides a fun quiz to challenge your friends before the big game.

  • NFL Mobile by NFL Enterprises LLC is the official national football league app to get all of your live score feeds, team news and video highlights. The app is free for iOS, android-based devices and Windows-based devices.

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