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6 animals abandoned on side of road in subzero temperatures in Pennsylvania

Animals abandoned in frigid temperatures on the side of the road.
Animals abandoned in frigid temperatures on the side of the road.
public domain/George Hodan

On the night of January 6, 2013 a passerby witnessed a woman throw four dogs, one pig and one parakeet on to the side of the road and drive off in Franklin Park, Penn., according to WPXI. The witness called Tom Mischen, who owns a cattle farm in West Deer Township, the next morning.

The woman said the four dogs ran off into the woods and the parakeet flew away, but the pig stuck around. She called Mischen, whom figures she must have heard of their farm.

Though he had no intentions of adding to his farm family, he took the pig and named her Lilly. According to WPXI, Mischen stated that his granddaughters were happy to have the pig and “whoever took care of her did take good care of her. She wasn’t skinny or malnourished.”

Unfortunately since no police report was filed, there is no investigation. It is unknown what happened to the parakeet and four dogs.

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