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6 Amazing Easter party celebration ideas

Easter Brunch Party
Easter Brunch Party
Evie Dawson

Easter has come and it’s time to celebrate resurrection of Jesus Christ. The traditional manner of celebration still is close to our hearts like Easter foods, snacks, egg hunt – this is the time to do it all. It is an occasion to spend time with your family and friends and celebrate spring while children are out on egg hunt.

Here are 6 amazing Easter party ideas for you to try in this holiday season:

Easter Brunch Party - An Easter brunch party with the family and friends is a great idea. Take a long table and decorate it to bring in a festive mood. You can try a bright floral theme. Make a nice combination of breakfast recipes such as bacon, eggs, French toast, sausage and muffins with lunch recipes like salads, pasta and deli sandwiches. Do not forget to put label against each item so that your guests know what they are eating.

Easter egg Decorating Party for Kids - Your children will love this. Invite all their friends and make the necessary arrangements before they arrive. Hard boil all the eggs. As the bunch gathers to enjoy the party, hand them the materials they will require for decorating like paint, stickers, markers etc. Ask them to make egg people. Let the kids use their imagination. An innovation that combines drawing a face into the shell and completing it with ribbon, felt and ribbon will be interesting and super fun.

Easter Craft Party - A craft party can be fun for both kids and the adults. Make a list few weeks ahead of the time. Buy all the things required for the party. Send the invitations and don’t forget to specify your plans for the party. Let them know what they need to bring with them. This can turn out to be very exciting.

Easter Costume Party - Hosting a small event with friends, try costume party. Keep a dramatic theme. Make everyone dress up like bunnies, especially the kids. The elders can wear a bunny cap or bunny ear if wearing the entire dress doesn’t go well with them. Alternatively someone can dress up like a bunny and hand over the Easter baskets to the guests. Biblical characters are also very popular. Blooming crowns is an option you can use.

Easter Dinner Party - An Easter Sunday is the perfect time for inviting everyone home. Prepare some classic dishes for serving your guests. Some examples of Easter party foods include scalloped potatoes, honey baked ham, citrus and herb roasted chicken, carrots, fresh breads assorted with mouth watering desserts. To this add some appetizers too. Dish up salmon stuffed eggs (instead of deviled eggs), a gourmet cheese tray, an array of dips with savory crackers and fresh veggies. Get a little creative and think of some exciting gift ideas. Present bags of jelly beans, chocolate bunnies and handmade soaps.

Traditional Egg Hunt Party for Kids - Buy plastic eggs or paint the real ones. It can be played indoors or outdoors, if the weather permits. For outdoor party, choose a traffic free area. Hide the eggs according to their ages. Give them bags, pails and baskets to collect the eggs. Try naming eggs after the names of the participants. A bunny egg with a mega prize should be the highlight of the game. Chocolate eggs too make an interesting game for the kids. Like it! Try it!

Explore these ideas and enjoy. Leonard’s Palazzo wishes you a Happy Easter :)

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