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6/13/10 randoms

1) Do not be just a hot flash in the pan of your Spiritual Life growing only in spits and spurts; learn to roll at a slow simmer and then the depth, measure, and flavor of your experience will be insurmountable.

2) Do the wise get more & more silent over the years due to being humble or is it just because they become aware that less & less people are actually going to understand what they have to say?

3) After mastering loneliness we have the opportunity to choose to learn to be ALONE, which is a combination of two words: ALL and ONE.

4) To show-off is to take, not to give.

5) People do change and behaviors do stop without desiring to continue acting on them. Don't believe that anything or anyone is static - everything is in motion - change is the only constant. LOVE, not emotion, but the actually energy of all life, guides this change; you can trust it, if you choose to.

6) The one thing that all people who have made a great and positive impact on this world have in common is the ability to ignore all those that said they couldn’t.


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